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Are leaders born or made?




The American expert on leadership John Maxwell in his marvelous book "The 21 Irrefutable laws of leadership" mentioned about a survey he made. The purpose of the poll was to reveal what determined people to reach leadership positions.


The results showed that about 10% of them have pursued the leadership position due to certain natural gifts and abilities. An amount as high as 5% of them became leaders due to a crisis situation, and the remaining 85% became leaders mainly due to the influence other leaders have had on them.


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One of the biggest supporting example of this idea is what General Electric has been doing for years. This company is similar with a leader producing factory. For decades GE has created many more leaders then any other company. It is mainly due to the fact that leadership courses and trainings is their first priority.


One other big factor is the attitude Jack Walsh the CEO has. He is a high class leader. He clearly understands the importance of training and creating other leaders. When he is surrounded by them and empowers them with actions the effectiveness, efficiency and impact his ideas have upon people is exponential. Due to this mentality GE has passed successfully some very difficult times.


It takes a leader to rise up a leader. Leadership also means setting an example. When you are in position of leadership people follow your every move. Only a person that has walked the paths of leadership can clearly convey the message and bring out the best into the person that whishes to become himself a leader.


Here are two things you can do now to bring about the leader within:


1) Understand that leaders are made not born. They are made by other leaders. Make sure you find yourself working for a high caliber leader, somebody that will bring the best of you. His influence upon your development is the best thing can happen.


2) Read more free articles on leadership subject at Leadership and Management at On the same website, you have the ability to buy the best programs in this field. Select your choice, study and apply the suggestions of the world renowned experts.


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