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Death or victory




A famous Spanish conqueror once create and extraordinary act of motivation for his solders. Upon debarking on a new continent they were preparing to conquer he order to put in fire and destroy all the ships.


Then he simply told them: "You either win this war or you will all die." Needless to say, they have won.


This short message is about one quality that distinguishes leaders that win from those that loose. Even though the line that separates them sometimes is very thin, there is on thing that is unmistakable.


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The leaders that win simply have the complete inability to accept defeat. They know that in most cases winning is equal with survival and they go for winning at all costs.


History is populated with many examples of such people. One moment to look for such situations is in the moment of crisis. Then the circumstance reveals either the best or the worst out of the leader. A leader always finds a way for the team to win. That can be very nicely seen in sports being basketball or American football or soccer.


In these situations the leaders relay very much on the team. He knows that a unified strong vision for all the people is what crystallizes a strong motivation for the necessary effort.


Then the diversity of abilities that are present in the team is a strong asset that leader knows how to utilize at best. This happens not only in the moment of demand but all the time.


The leader makes sure that all the people grow, along all the time. He facilitates the possibility for them to develop their potential and make the best use of their strengths.


Here are three things you can do now to become a winning leader:


1) Have the mentality "Death or victory", simply have the complete inability to accept defeat. Go for victory.


2) Strengthen the vision in the mind of the follower. Rely on the team diversity of skills and make sure they grow all the time and develop their strengths.


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