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Guess who the leader is




Have you ever been in a meeting or social situation a public gathering and you saw many people talking or being involved in certain activities? Did you wonder in who the leader is?


It is very simple to figure that out. Perhaps if you look around you may notice a person very well dress. And he also stays at the head of the table, holding in the hand what seems to be a program of the activity. Moreover you overhear that he just finished Harvard Business University and is the sun of a respected leader.


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Now, I think it is very clear who the leader of that group is. At this point most people will conclude that the person I have previously described is the one that leads. In certain cases that could be the case but in most cases it is not an objective way to identify who the leader is.


When the real leader speaks people listen.


It is perhaps one of the best identifier of who is leading the situation. If the people are not following your words, how could they follow you?


There are situations where the specific input of a given person is necessary but when the eyes of the people are continuously looking for one persons approval or disapproval it is a sign that, that person has the most influence of the outcome. When the discussion is finished, notice to whom people look at, who they are waiting to hear.


Mover over, if we could imagine a crisis situation where everybody is burning, shouting and loosing their temper you see there a person that stays calm and with the head clear. He is in perfect harmony with the situation. His awareness gives him the possibility to make sharp, wise suggestions we can say without fear of error that we are in a presence of a leader.


Here are three things you can do now to understand who the leader is:


1) The characters hallmark of a leader is serenity, calmness of mind and awareness to be in harmony with everything that happens.


2) When the real leader speaks people listen. It is the proven sign of being recognized by the followers. When starting any new position most probably you are not the leader. Your title can buy you some time to put hard work so you can earn the right to lead.


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