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Connect first, then present the vision, afterwards create and keep momentum




"Leaders first touch a heart before they ask for a hand."


The capacity to connect with people is one of the important quality that a leaders posse. They make the first step towards followers and in the best of their abilities create an emotional link between them and people around.


The true leader is relaxed, warm and has the ability to make the people feel close to him. Hi is comfortable in making fun of himself and making mistakes. He is simply an approachable human being.


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In communication his genuine desire is to make others feel better about themselves while in his presence. He gets closer to them with his words and actions. He knows that when other feel good and their emotional vibration is high they will like him more. The followers will more easily let themselves influenced by his presence.


For people to buy into a vision first they need to buy into the leader. By connecting with people leaders create a strong communication channel though which they can tunnel the vision. In this way leaders assure that followers see exactly what is the most import thing in their interest and he leads them in achieving that. When people like the leader and have bought into the vision is the mission of the leader to create momentum and motivate the people into putting actions for manifesting the vision in reality.


He does that by surrounding himself with strong leaders which he trust and empower. The leader understands the impact that other leaders can have in influencing the followers. He dedicates time to connect with them by building strong relations and answer all their questions. As a leader his main objective is to make sure that he communicates with clarity and address all their concerns. On a regular basis he assures that the vision is kept motivating in the heart of all the followers.


Here are three points you can now take into account to make the vision real in your team:


1) As a leader be relaxed, warm and have an air of being approachable. Be comfortable in making fun of yourself and project and air of being human by accepting that even leaders can make mistakes.


2) Genuinely be interested in connecting with people, making them feel better about themselves. People first buy into the leader then into the vision. Make sure the vision is in their best interest create momentum, bring action and keep it going.


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