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Preparation, navigation and leadership




"Everyone can steer a ship but it takes a leader to chart the course."


Followers need leaders who can effectively navigate for them. The navigation into any sort of project is easy when the course has been well plan ahead. Prior preparation to ever single detail is what makes the difference.


A good preparation starts with an attitude of objectivity. Look with crystal clear objectivity to the situation at hand, to the project and plan. The philosophy of success though along history by famous authors like among them Brain Tracy simply states: If you want to be successful, study and do what success people have done in your field and you eventually meet with success. Moreover, if you study what unsuccessful people have done and you avoid doing what they did you will eventually avoid failure.


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The leader must take full responsibility for this action. Not taking into consideration this principle shows ignorance. And there is a saying The truth will set you free. Ignorance is the only thing to be set free of. A leader cannot afford the comfort of laziness, overconfidence and a knowing-all person the seeds of ignorance.


Does preparation avoid all problems?




I it is important to remember that over-preparation breaths confidence and trust in the people. You navigate better when you are better prepared. It is a fact of reality that new things will show on the way. It is then the moment when a leader needs to know hot to adapt to the situation, how to be able to communicate with key influential people.


The time spent in getting himself involved in a throughout preparation has increase his awareness level. The new input that shows up on the way is treated through a highly sensitive filter, his mind. When faced with the need to take sharp decisions the chances to take a good decision are very high.


Here are two things you can do now to navigate better on any project:


1) Remember that a leader is the one who understands that being enthusiastic about achieving a worthy objective is the opposite of getting comfortably lazy and ignorant. Back that up with hard work in studying and applying what successful people have done in similar endeavor like yours and you will eventually meet with success.


2) Read more free articles on leadership subject at Leadership and Management at On the same website, you have the ability to buy the best programs in this field. Select your choice, study and apply the suggestions of the world renowned experts.


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