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Trust, the real foundation of leadership




Followers will forgive occasional honest mistakes due to lack of competence but they will not tolerate flows in the character.


Lose the trust from your followers and you loose the capacity to influence them. If you do not influence them they will not follow you. If you do not have follower you simply are not a leader.


Many occasions could be seen along the history of very famous leader who for various reason have lied to those that followed them. The consequences where the same, when they noticed that words did not match the facts. They slowly but surely had a hard time believing anything they heard anymore, and finally the support for the leader diminished as low as no existent. Finally, when the truth surfaced the leader lost the position.


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On the other hand looking again at history there are various examples where people with an unshakable character have lived what they believe in, at any cost. They defended universal value of truth and respect as well as having integrity towards the visions and values they particularly most cherished. The consequences where the same, when they noticed that words did match the facts. The number of followers has increased as well as the respect they got even from their opposing parties.


From all articles on this site, perhaps this ranks as the most important one. It is also the shortest one.


Here are two things you can do now to remember about trust:


1) Building trust in any interaction has a simple definition. Your words must match the facts consistently! It is as basic as this.


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